Our Grooming Services

Pet Trims

Pet trims are a combination of long coat clips and shorter coat shaves. These are done on a case by case basis depending on the coat type, length, condition and the owners requirements. Pet trims come with our signature bath and blow dry service as well as a nail trim. After completing the clip our stylists spend extra time scissoring and putting finishing touches on the groom. 

Prices are based on individual basis starting at $65.00

Breed Clips

A "Breed Clip" is defined as a particular trim or style that a pure bred breed of dog is to be presented in for the show ring. These trims are catered to the breeds individual standard to show off what they were bred for. Our stylists have been showing dogs for almost 2 decades and have the professional expertise to put dogs into these breed trims for both the at home request or the show ring presentation. Breed clips include a combination of clipping, hand stripping, scissoring and shaping.

Breed clips are priced on an individual basis depending on the situation and breed and frequency. Contact us for prices. 

Hand scissor

Hand scissoring involves a different process to the usual pet trim. This therefore requires extra time to complete. Hand scissor trims start with our signature bath and blow dry service but also have the addition of a fluff dry and brush out prior to any trimming. The dog then starts in a clean canvas for the groomers to start working over the coat with just scissors to complete a plush picture perfect finish. 

Prices are on an individual basis.

Contact us for prices


Our groomers have years of experience working with different products, animals and techniques world wide. We have taken on some of these wonderful trends and are happy to provide these to our elite boutique customers by request. Please check our in house extras board for a full catalogue of the extras we provide. Some of our extras include but are not limited to stenciling (as pictured), hair dye and nail pawlish (all pet friendly).

Prices are based on an individual basis. Please contact us for prices,

"Big Shout out to the lovely groomer from Just Pawz, she did a fantastic job of grooming our Collie Rough "Spokes". We couldn't be happier and highly recommend her. So glad we found you Just Pawz" 5 Stars! - B. Aylott

"We took our 2 year old here for the first time for a groom today. Extremely impressed. Thankyou for being so kind and gentle. He looks amazing. Thank you xx" 5 Stars! -K. Gottle

Other Grooming Services 

Puppy Trims     

-- Involves a bath, blow dry and nail trim. However also includes a light trim around the face, in particular around the eyes. Also includes a slight trim of the tail. This is aimed at puppies under the age of 6 months. The purpose of this trim is to get the puppy used to scissors, loud dryers, scary baths and the unusual situation of being groomed without fully exposing them to clipping.

Bath & Tidy Up    

-- Involves sanitary clip, trimming feet/face/tail. Also includes a bath, blow dry and nail trim. 

Bath & Blow Dry     

-- Involves a bath, blow dry and nail trim. 

Bath & Towel Dry     

-- Involves a bath, towel dry and nail trim. Recommend during warmer weather periods due to the possibility of developing hot spots if coat isn't dried properly.

Nail Trimming      $10.00 (all grooms include nail clipping in standard price)

Free Puppy Cut: This is aimed at puppies 2-4 months old. This does not include a bath or dry. This is a slight trim of the face, tail & feet with a nail trim. This gets the pup used to the situation and environment as well as being handled on a grooming table. This exposes puppies to having their face and feet touched.


Just Pawz prides itself on supplying our customers with the highest quality retail products on offer. We have a wide range of retail products including but not limited to; 

Collars & Leads

Shampoos, Conditioners, Colognes & Sprays

Grooming Equipment




Bedding (Coming Soon)

Coats (Coming in Winter)

Dog Food (Coming Soon)

Kinky Mascotas

These beautiful, artistic pieces are made in Colombia and imported directly to us. Just Pawz are the only stockist of these magnificent collars in Australia. 
Not only are they beautiful and a unique twist on a usual collar piece, but these gorgeous "flowers" are hand made by women in Colombia with a troubled past/background/life. Making these collars allows these brave women to save money, work from home and provide for their young children whilst being supported in a friendly community of like minded individuals. We at Just Pawz are incredibly happy to be a part of providing for these families and featuring these stunning collars and leads in our stores.

"Kinky" defined as different, uncommon, unusual

"Mascotas" defined as pets

"Different Pets" 

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