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Below are a collection of classes we offer to assist in the training and education of pet owners, salon owners, show dog owners, aspiring groomers and experienced groomers. If any of these interest you please feel free to contact us via email with some information about yourself and which class you'd be interested in at 


    Many of our clients are often seeking help and advice for their pets needs with no where they can look for answers. We have developed this page to assist our customers in finding some added information to help guide them and their pets towards a happy easy life. Some of the topics we cover within this page are matting, training, basic behaviour, nutrition and picking a new puppy. 

   Remember to check back to this page regularly for updates and new information. If there are any topics big or small you would like to learn more about for your situation, please email us at and we will be in touch. 


Lets talk matted coats in both cats and dogs. This can be a sensitive topic for owners and animal professionals alike. Many don't know how to touch on the subject without causing offence. Alternatively some 'professionals' can act the opposite of their professional namesake and can become quite judgemental when broaching the subject. 

    Here at Just Pawz we like to remain somewhere in the middle of these examples. Upon your first visit to us with a dog or cat that has excessive matting we will endeavour to be professional and educational in nature. We can be empathetic of the situation and understanding that in some situations extenuating circumstances arise that can make keeping our beloved pets in good condition difficult. Some examples we have experienced first hand are listed below to help you at home to understand you are not alone in these issues;

  • Moving to a new area and struggling to find a new groomer that can be trusted
  • Having a dog or cat that has had a previous bad experience with a groomer and avoiding sending them to a new groomer
  • Having a new member of the family (baby) enter the household
  • Going on holidays and trusting a family member to look after the pet
  • Previous groomer with minimal experience did not complete the job correctly last visit (or many visits)
  • Rescue animal
  • Animal went missing for a short or long period of time

We are very understanding that these situations and many others do occur. We will therefore endeavour to provide a groom for your pet that is the closest we can to what you wish your pet to look like. However in some circumstances this is not possible - for example the entire body is matted. Our job entails creating the best experiences for your pets and providing them with the best care possible to keep them happy and healthy. Therefore their well being is our priority and we understand that the fear of judgement can prevent you from seeking help to rectify the situation. 

        However, in saying this we are only able to do so much with the condition of the coat we are provided. Matted coats do make a usual groom more complex and complicated. This also means that the groom becomes more time consuming. Lets break this idea down so that you - the reader - can understand from a groomers perspective what goes on within a usual grooming appointment vs one with matting. 


Within a standard grooming appointment we would be presented with a dog or cat that has no knots (maybe the odd couple) and may or may not present with dirty or grubby coat texture. Lets within this example say that the dog is presented with coat approximately 5cm in length - this is reasonably fluffy. The owner in this situation would like the hair cut to a 'standard' length somewhere between the winter and summer looks, that is also easy to maintain and will last approximately 8 weeks before growing back to it's current length. A 'standard' length would be around 1cm long in this situation - still slightly fluffy. 

   First thing is first - the pre clip. Here at Just Pawz we will pre clip almost every full groom dog that walks into our salon. A standard pre clip should take no longer than 10 minutes for a small breed, 15 minutes for a medium breed and 20 minutes for a large or giant breed. The purpose of this pre clip is to simply remove the bulk of the coat so that there is less coat to wash and dry. 

  Secondly the dog is then placed into the bath and then dried with our standard procedures. Again for a small dog this shouldn't take too long (less than half an hour for the whole process). Then we move into the second clip. The body coat is then re clipped and the finer points of the styling are then completed - ears, tail, face, feet and so on. Final features of the groom are then finished and styled depending on the owners requirements - each dog is different and requires different treatment, there is no such thing as one set grooming style for all dogs. 

   Therefore, allowing for time to have breaks between stages or to spend longer on things such as bathing and drying if your dog is not comfortable, (we will not push any dog that stresses in these situations beyond what they can tolerate) the full groom for a small dog should take approximately 90 minutes or up to 2 hours. This is faster for an experienced regular client that tolerates bathing and drying or can be right on time for either a dog that dislikes these stages, does not come in regularly enough to feel calm in these situations or on a busy day with many dogs in the salon. 

    Our full groom prices are therefore based on the individual dog and individual situation and as a guide within a standard time frame. 


    For dogs that have matting there is not real guide for how long their appointments will take. We therefore have two different price variations for matted dog appointments. Please contact us for more information regarding the pricing of your dogs appointment if they have any matting. Our price variations are based on the extent of the matting that your dog or cat has. 

     Changes that occur when having a dog or cat with matting to their appointment can include a few different things. Animals that have a small amount of matting in patches can have their coat 'dematted'. This involves breaking apart the matts individually with a variation of different tools. Then brushing this through with a comb until there are no knots present. This is only done if there is not a lot of matting in the coat as it is uncomfortable for your dog. Imagine you have a head of dreadlocks and you are being asked to sit still while your hair dresser uses a variety of tools to break down these dread locks until they can comb them? This is uncomfortable to imagine, let alone to make your dog sit through. Then imagine you're a small child, you have never met this person before and you have never been to this location before. You are asked to leave your mother, your savior and protector and to go into this strange location with this unusual person and you are then asked to sit through this treatment along with the addition of a terrifying loud bath and dryer and sharp scissors. This would be enough to scare any young person into nightmares for months on end,  let alone the poor pet that has to go through this repeatedly. 

   So when it comes to 'dematting' your beloved pet, we at Just Pawz are 'happy' to do this in small amounts for the first appointment. However, we do not condone repeatedly having to do this to your pet. We do not want to become something your animal fears and would like to keep your pet happy and healthy. 

   'Dematting' takes on average 5-10 minutes just for one 5cm section of coat. So if your dog is arriving with matting in their ears, tail and feathering - approximately 20-25cm of matts - please take into consideration this process will add around 30-60 minutes to their appointment time frame. This is just for the brushing out of the knots and does not involve any of the other stages of a standard groom. This also involves only small areas of dematting around the body. Therefore you will need to expect to be paying more for this service as you are adding 50% longer time frame to their appointment schedule. 

The second variation in a matted animal appointment is when the majority of their coat is matted to the skin. You can see in the above flyer what this looks like. From the external view this coat can appear to be fluffy. You at home may also be brushing your dog each day, however, you're using the incorrect piece of equipment or technique for your dogs coat. It is important to seek advice and education on how to best maintain your pets coat as early as possible to avoid this happening. Make sure to ask an actual qualified groomer and not your retail professional as there are many coat types and many pieces of equipment that take years of education and experience to be able to recommend correctly and effectively. If using the incorrect equipment, what can happen is you are simply brushing the top coat and not the base of where the hair connects to the skin. Therefore, gradually over time the hair at the base of the coat is forming small knots and tangles that then turn into a webbed sheet across the body, whilst the top coat looks fine. The way to tell if your dogs coat is matted at the base but clear at the top is to try and part the coat to the base of the hair and to see skin. If you can do this in random spots all over your dog's body (including behind the ears, base of the tail and chest/stomach area) then it is likely that the coat is not matted. If you just see more hair and not skin then chances are the sheet is already forming. The only way to remove this is with a SHORT blade. 

    When grooming with a short blade there are many risks involved such as;

  • Cutting the skin in areas of sensitive and loose skin - arm pits, nipples, skin tags, flank area and neck
  • Removal or partial removal of mutated/extra toes (dogs should only have 4 toes on the back foot) due to not being able to see them
  • Clipper rash or partial burn from irritation of a metal warm blade right on the skin
  • Skin irritation and reactions
  • Blood blisters from blood rising to the surface of pinched skin where hair was tight
  • Haematoma - blood and fluid rushing to one area of the body in a pocket 

To avoid these risks becoming a reality we at Just Pawz have to take our time to clip dogs that are heavily matted. This means that the above mentioned pre clipping period can usually take 1-1.5 hours for a small dog, 1.5-2 hours for a medium dog and 2 hours+ for a large or giant breed dog. We therefore have specially catered prices for these situations also. 

   Risks associated with matted coat in at home life include;

  •  Hiding fleas (can be hundreds), ticks etc
  • Hiding grass seeds (which can embed into the skin, into the body and travel within the internal structures of the body and cause infection)
  • Bruising and other uncomfortable pain from coat tightly pinching in areas like the arm pits when walking
  • Infection and bladder/urine problems from constantly urinating into the matts which then hold this fluid in a moist patch on the skin
  • Ear infections from build up of dirt and grime and hair without any air supply
  • Heat stress from no way for the body to get air and breathe whilst wearing a thick, tight fur coat
  • Holds moisture in the coat and against the skin for hours sometimes over a day in winter as it does not dry well

  Due to the above reasons we at Just Pawz do add a surcharge for matting. When it comes to animal health and welfare one of the main issues that organisations attempt to prevent from occurring with animals is neglect. Neglect in our opinion, is the prevention or withholding of necessary care and attention that an individual animal requires in order to live a happy and healthy life. Enabling an animal to become matted to the extent of the examples seen in our 'second variation of matting' is therefore in our opinion considered to be a form of serious neglect. Again, we do understand that in extenuating circumstances these things can happen and we will avoid judgement. However, repeatedly bringing a dog to an appointment with Just Pawz in these conditions will incur higher fees each visit. Please discuss with your groomer any issues you may be having that we may be able to assist with through payment plans, pick up and drop offs or other specially catered assistance. 

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